The winner of this tournament was ElementalDiety, he used Kazumi, against C-Krizzle with an awesome finishing move. C-Krizzle came in second place using Marshall Law and Rookang_tekken came in third place using Bob who qualfied for the grand finals that will be taking place on the 26th of May. All participants were amazing to watch and competed valiantly.

The Tekken 7: UK Championships is in full motion, yesterday the eSports fighting game tournament, took place in Manchester qualifier for the finals, that take place on the ESL Arena at MCM London Comic Con on the 26th of May 2017 where the best UK talent in fighting games specifically Tekken 7  will face off.

The top 3 players that qualify from each UK Tekken 7 events listed below:

  1. 15th-16th 2017 April: Glasgow – Hypespotting
  2. 22nd April 2017: Dublin –Tekken 7 UK Championship – Dublin
  4. 6th May 2017: Birmingham-Electronic Dojo Midlands FGC
  5. 14th May 2017: London-NGI Events in London
  6. 26th May 2017 MCM London Comic Con-London MCM Comicon

You can always stream these awesome tournaments online too, if you can’t make it in person.

  1. Twitch:
  2.  Facebook:


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