“Gangsta” manga could make a return


[My favourite OST, listen and vibe while you read this article, ya dig] 

The badass manga, titled “Gangsta” could be making a manga comeback, according to Crunchyroll . Two years since the manga ended due to being on hiatus. The author and illustrator Kohske had to take some time off but they made a comeback. 2015 was a badass year for this manga but unexpectedly the studio Manglobe went bankrupt.On the other hand, this manga is officially back, scheduled for release in the July issue of the comic magazine “Monthly Comic @ Bunch” aka Shinchosa in Japanese released on May 20th.42 chapters will be made available, for free from May the 15th throughout 28th available here 

(make sure you click translate when the right pop up appears, Funimation adapted Gangsta into an anime and the manga was published by Viz Media)For those of you that are unaware, “GANGSTA.” Depicts the usefulness of convenience stores such as Warwick Arkangelo and Nicholas Brown who kill from home delivery in a criminal city · Elgaström, and undertake deeds to people searching for escorts. 


Worick Arcangelo on the left and Nicolas Brown from “Gangsta”



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Written by SCORPZ0001

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