Top 5 2017 Spring Anime you should be watching

Disclaimer: This could contain spoilers

2017 has been a awesome year for Japanese anime and manga. We are now in the spring season and a lot of content has dropped right from “Nihon” the purpose of this article is to  recommend you some new shows to start watching you don’t want to miss out if you’re into anime and manga.

Online streaming services are legitimising watching anime online and it is amazing, they are doing this by licencing top anime shows on: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu and Amazon’s new streaming service: “Anime Strike.”

  1. Attack on titan season 2:  Hajime Isayama 

Hajime Isayama is the original creator and writer for this anime. published by Kodansha (Japanese publisher) and Kodansha (USA) , this manga’s target audience is male’s young and old (Shounen) and is part of the magazine Bessatu Shounen Magazine (Japanese anime magazine) this manga started selling in September 2009 and is ongoing in terms of the development and anime. Currently season 2 is streaming and it is epic to say the least as an anime only viewer, I was blown away by the major reveals such as Ymir being the dancing titan. This anime is mysterious and full of a lot of death, blood and gore mindless monsters are eating humans because they want to and is up to Eren, Mikasa and Armin (Captain Levi off course and Hanji and many and subordinates) who want to find out a way to terminate the titans. You like horror, sadness and death watch it but trust me it is not for the weak it does have some funny parts though but be ready. Read the synopsis for yourself: Synopsis for Attack on titan.



2. My Hero Academia season 2: Kohei Horikoshi

Superheroes are a concept, I have grown to admire…from a young age I used to watch cartoons like Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock and anime like Shaman King, Ultimate Muscle. Since watching One Punch Man I was excited that the superhero genre was growing in Japan. Anime characters seem to have their own characteristics when labelling the main characters jobs but this anime make’s it crystal clear that it is about superheroes. My hero academia is simply motivational Izuku Midoriya aka Deku is a stronger, faster and wiser in season 2.

I’m not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever… Kacchan. I’m… I’m the Deku who always does his best!

Izuku Midoriya to Katsuki Bakugo in “Rage, You Damned Nerd”

This quote explains that he, is sick and tired of being bullied and decides to step up his game, even though his quirk was originally borrowed by Almight  he has advanced with his new friends: Ochako, Tenya and Tsuyu. The show is about kids who go to school to become superheroes, they must face all kinds of obstacles and work together to make their dreams come true. Please you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t watch it.


3. Boruto: Naruto/Next Generation: Ukyō Kodachi

Where do I begin with this…Naruto is arguably one of the greatest of all time but now we are going to see his son’s story. This anime is super early, so we can only discuss what we have seen so far such as Boruto vs Kawaki in the future. Kawaki is a mysterious villain who supposbaly ended the shinobi era (I doubt he did) there’s a rumour he killed Naruto

Kawaki: “The age of shinobi is over”

Boruto: “I didn’t think you would go this far Kawaki”

Kawaki: “I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage, Boruto”

Boruto: “I’m still a shinobi”   this dialogue is from episode 1 and is epic, it’s literally a timeskip and so mysterious I am interested in this show’s progression not only in Kawaki but also in the new characters joining the main Boruto such as: Shikidai, Sarada, Mitsuki, Chococho, Inojin, Metal Lee, Shinki, Denki, Iwabee and Kawaki. Boruto’s sensei is Konohamaru so this is going to be relatable to Naruto in some ways but totally focused on his son’s story Hinata and Himiwari are also apart of the story. Check this show out it’s the future of Naruto one of my personal favourites.


4. Re:Creators: Daiki Kase

Humans have created many stories. Joy, sadness, anger, deep emotion. Stories shake our emotions, and fascinate us. However, these are only the thoughts of bystanders. But what if the characters in the story have “intentions”? To them, are we god-like existences for bringing their story into the world? Our world is changed. Mete out punishment upon the realm of the gods. In Re:CREATORS, everyone becomes a Creator. This is such ambigous synopsis this anime is a total opposite of anime like .hack//Sign, Sword Art Online and No Game No Life. All I’m saying is imagine if this was real….Nuff said.


5. Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:Keiichi Satou


10 years after the world escaped destruction due to the revival of Bahamut, humans at the royal capital gather wealth, the demons are enslaved to assist with the capital’s revival, and the gods lose their power due to a decrease in religious piety. The world is thrown off balance as humans, gods, and demons hold their own ideas of justice. Gods vs Demons the never ending battle continues watch this anime it’s totally awesome.

Honourable  mention : Blood Blockade Battlefront:Yasuhiro Nightow


Supersonic monkeys, vampires, talking fishmen, and all sorts of different supernatural monsters living alongside humans—this has been part of daily life in Hellsalem’s Lot, formerly known as New York City, for some time now. When a gateway between Earth and the Beyond opened three years ago, New Yorkers and creatures from the other dimension alike were trapped in an impenetrable bubble and were forced to live together. Libra is a secret organization composed of eccentrics and superhumans, tasked with keeping order in the city and making sure that chaos doesn’t spread to the rest of the world.

Pursuing photography as a hobby, Leonardo Watch is living a normal life with his parents and sister. But when he obtains the “All-seeing Eyes of the Gods” at the expense of his sister’s eyesight, he goes to Hellsalem’s Lot in order to help her by finding answers about the mysterious powers he received. He soon runs into Libra, and when Leo unexpectedly joins their ranks, he gets more than what he bargained for. Kekkai Sensen follows Leo’s misadventures in the strangest place on Earth with his equally strange comrades—as the ordinary boy unwittingly sees his life take a turn for the extraordinary. This anime is defintley action packed and full of badassery a total reccomendation of mine.

It’s too early in the year to, analyse the anime industry but let’s just say the anime/manga industry is booming due to anime being created and watched for instance: Yuri on ice, Love Live, One Piece and many others read about it here: 2016 Anime industry figure’s

I hope you liked this article if you did, awesome if not comment how I can improve. It really helps out hearing your feedback.



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Written by SCORPZ0001

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