Watch the lead game director of Overwatch read the comments from the IGN community it’s hilarious LMFAO

IGN is one of the most dedicated “in game news” website’s that covers gaming and entertainment and what I like to call “geek pop culture”.They are based in San Francisco, California in America. IGN is known for their daily fix, reviews, previews, interviews and occasionally funny videos….Finally we get a funny and interesting video which is actually feedback from people like you and me who play video games as a hobby.

A lot of fans express, their opinions on the IGN comment section on their website. The characters mentioned in the video are about: heroes including Hanzo, Genji expressing their love for the game ? or is just comedy.

The comments also included the mysterious super villain Doomfist fans express their hate for Bastion and their boredom for the latest Nigerian child genius’ robot Orisa you know the robot with four legs that’s green I’m not angry or anything it’s always stimulating seeing customers/consumers feedback especially in gaming.

Overwatch is a FPS game where you get to use a creative set of characters regarded as heroes from an overt story. The game has approximately 25 million players which is absolutely incredible. You gotta hand in to Blizzard Entertainment they definitely have a team of talented game designers and other staff that know what they are doing.


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(3) Kaplan reviewing feedback from IGN  (4) Overwatch the game’s official website

(5) Overwatch Twitter

Written by SCORPZ0001

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