Joshthevisualartist is a incredibly talented artist his work is a must see

Sho J – Visual Artist (music video) (Prod by @clownhasbeats) | @joshvisualartist

“Visual Artist call me Sho-J, call me Sho-J, visual artist call me Sho-J call me Sho-J these bars i’m letting them spray back with the beat any-day. Please don’t get in my way (alright tell ’em 2X) don’t get in my way.I stay true to my hustle no squares in my circle loud and clear I don’t mumble I got royal fam not rumble up and down for that Lizzy. ” 

Lyrics from his:  Sho J – Visual Artist (music video)

Musician Josh Mansano from Brixton, is a man of many talents. He is a UK rap artist illustrator, videographer and CEO of Rappers verse a music (entertainment brand) the multi talented young man is aiming to reach new people with his artwork and music and skills in digital media.

Today you get the chance to view his drawings. Josh’s art speaks volume’s about his creativity. The three images below are are important because they send a clear message to people, and are a form of expression of the creator’s work representing what Sho-J is aiming to do and that’s get the recognition he deserves by working hard on his music, drawings and digital media, which are amazing.

Josh has a natural talent for drawing, record other talented musicians for his brand, graphic design and editing his own music videos. He is a entrepreneur and is definitely a man to look out for. Don’t sleep on this Brixton artist. His ideas are constantly getting better and better I can only imagine what drawings he has next planned for his clients.

Check out what I’m writing about below it’s lit


Picture 1 urban
K Trap Crib Session Illustration Done by Me ✏🔑 @ktrap_1 @timwestwoodtv 🎤🎶 #Rap #Hiphop #art #ukdrill #cribsession
Picture 2 urban
Illustration I created of @official_yungsaber from his new music video ft Showa D 🔊✏
Picture 3 urban
Tim Westwood crib session illustration by me ! ✏



Sources:  (1) Sho-J’s Instagram (2) Check out Josh’s art on youtube

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