Call of Duty WWII Officially Announced, Livestream Incoming

Sledgehammer Games has announced on twitter that they will be live-streaming their newest Call of Duty video game, on twitch . This is official news, because it is the 2017 COD game confirmed by Michael Condrey the co-founder and studio head of Sledgehammer games. They will be streaming the game on April the 26th of May, 10:00 AM EST in North America, Caribbean and Central America and for the United Kingdom in Europe that is 14:00 PM.

Sledgehammer is one of the three major game developers, working on the Call of Duty series. One of their older games they worked on was Advanced Warfare .I’m expecting an immersive war story from the campaign, based on the events on world war II. The live stream could possibly show multiplayer, the story mode or campaign and any survival type mode.

Make sure you watch the live stream on twitch April the 26th 2017, this is one gaming stream you do not want to miss, I am so excited and hyped for this new game and curious to see what kind of maps and weopons and characters we will be using in this upcoming edition to this FPS game series let’s go.

 Link to the stream: here !!!

Sources: (1) Call of Duty WWII, (2) Gamespot: Call of Duty: WWII announced

Written by SCORPZ0001 

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