Kaneandtrench wins Hypespotting the first Tekken UK Championship 2017 Tournament


Recently it was reported from Bandai Namco and various epsorts media outlets that ESL , a esports organisation and Bandai Namco a video game publishing company, will be collaborating to host The Tekken 7 UK Championship

This championship consists of six tournaments that will be taking place across the UK (More details here) . The first tournament took place on the 15th of April and ended on the 16h of April 2017.

The tournament is called Hypespotting and took place in Scotland, at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow. The aim of this tournament is to celebrate the release of the long-awaited fighting game Tekken 7: Fated Retribution that is sheduled for release on June the 2nd, that’s only two months from now.

The tournament is played as best of 5 rounds, Best of 3 matches, The winners , losers and grand finals will be best of 5 rounds, best of 5 matches. The overall winner Hypespotting tournament was Kaneandtrench from Team RTFM. He defeated The Truth. (Tekken player)

During the game he used a new character Claudio and The Truth used Jack-7. In the new fighting stage the G Corp Heli Pad. both players were executing high, medium and low moves at each other. The Truth used some good combos in the first game of the fifth round but Claudio knew how to dodge, block and strike at the right time. Kaneandtrench fought aggresively using claudio kicking and punching Jack he had the competitve advantage, executing pokes and punishing his opponent inflicting damage guranting his victory.


In conclusion Kaneandtrench won all 3 rounds against The Truth (Tekken player)  he lost only winning 1 round.

The results are below of the competitors who took part in this esports tournament.

The results.JPG





Written by SCORPZ0001

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