The well-known speedster superhero, The Flash will be making a return to the DC Comics fighting game sequel. Injustice 2. Barry Allen also known as The Flash was in the first installment of Injustice. His fighting style incorporates his speed for instance: During his battle with Gorilla Grodd, The Flash kicks and punches Grodd very quickly at an alarming rate leaving Grodd literally spinning and on the ground.

The speedforce is The Flash’s source of power, he uses this source to create lightning projectiles which can be seen at 0:37 in the trailer above. Netherrealm studios have done a good job incorporating The Flash’s different abilities in this game and utilising his different speed attacks. Check out The Flash’s move set HERE and command list and combos.

The trailer also features, The Flash’s new super move which incorporates time travel. The Flash summons the speedforce and charges into his opponent running to the opposite side and running around his opponent.

He than grabs his opponent Gorilla Grodd and runs back in time through a portal and with Gorilla Grodd to Ancient Egypt and knocks the Spinx’s nose off with his opponent than he runs even further back in time to the prehistoric Dinosaur age and hits Gorilla Grodd with a Tyrannosaurus Rex and then runs back to the modern-day fighting stage. You can see carefully another pair of identical characters run away after this whole sequence, This new super movie is creative and very fun to watch.

Expect Injustice 2 to be released May the 16th this year.





Written by SCORPZ0001

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