King of Fighters XIV DLC Character Announced welcome Rock Howard

SNK has assnoucced another new contendar to The King of Fighters XIV and it is Rock Howard; he will be joining the King of Fighters XIV video franchise as a DLC character. Rock Howard is an American character, who is blonde and wears a red, white and black leather jacket, with a black T-Shirt on and blue jeans with black shoes and black leather half finger gloves, this is his primary outfit and it looks badass and gives him a classic fighting game character who is ready to brawl.

Rock Howard has an array of techniques and manoeuvres such as jumping front-flip kicks power punches that can range from high and medium and can inflict a lot of damage with his fast-paced combos.

Rock’s special ability seems to be a light blue aura of wings that helps to enhance his kicks and punches also at the end of the reveal trailer it looks like he is blasting this light blue aura this looks like a projectile but this most likely was added for dramatic effect. make sure you watch the trailer below and tell me what you think.




Written by SCORPZ0001 

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