Pacific Rim: Uprising has finished production according to leading role actor John Boyega

John Boyega announced from his official Instagram account that Pacific Rim: Uprising the sequel to Pacific Rim has completed the production of the film. The movie started production in November 2016 and has finished March 2017. Pacific Rim: Uprising will follow after the events of the first movie.

Pacific Rim a movie based on giant mecha robots which are humans last resort survival tactic to defeat the infamous and dangerous Kaiju. John Boyega will be playing the role of Staker Pentecost’s son Jake Pentecost and I believe he will be the new commanding leader who will lead the Jaegers which are the names of the giant mecha robots in a way Pacific Rim could be based on the popular old school anime television series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Pacific Rim Uprising will be coming out in 2018, there will be more updates on this future film when more information is made available.

John Boyega confirms that Pacific Rim: Uprising has completed production.


Written by SCORPZ0001

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