Sony Picture’s Entertainment have officially released, the Spider-Man: Homecoming second trailer. This movie is set to release on July the 7th this year and is trailer has exceeded my expectations, the trailer reveals Peter Parker who wants to become an Avenger but it seems like Tony Stark, portrayed Robert Downy Junior by will be collaborating with Peter Parker portrayed by Tom Holland to maintain peace in New York and protect New York City against the Super villains and low-level criminals thugs and Shocker who is a low level super villain portrayed by Bokeem Woodbine the main one being Vulture, portrayed by Micheal Keaton ,

This movie seems to be a modern remake of the cult classic Spider-Man which  is one of Sony Picture’s Entertainment most valuable movie franchises they own. This second trailer displays new technology in the main characters (Spider-Man and Ironman’s advanced costume) and the super villains.

The trailer shows Peter Parker’s civilian life in school with his friends and love interest. further on in the video the trailer displays Peter Parker as the webslinger but since this is a reboot he is a rookie and is under Ironman’s supervision. It seems like to me Peter is working with S.H.E.I.L.D in order to become an Avengers member but Tony Stark is reluctant to let him join he insists that Peter should train under his wing and gain valuable experience as a neighbourhood guardian the trailer is epic and action packed check it out below.


Check out the official second trailer



Written by SCORPZ0001

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