Batman Justice League Movie teaser trailer released

Ben Affleck is the most up to date actor to portray Bruce Wayne also known as Batman. Ben Affleck’s Batman is an interesting dynamic. Ben Affleck portrays an older Bruce Wayne who’s had to become something else in order to protect his city. Batman is a legendary public figure in the world of comic books.

A lot of fans speculated that Ben Affleck was not going to perform well as Batman, but I believe he has surpassed the fans expectations with his performance in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ben Affleck also had previous experience portraying the role of a superhero in the past, when he portrayed the role of Daredevil in the Daredevil film in 2003.

With this brand new Justice League Movie: Part 1 that is coming out in November we can expect greatness from all of these actors portraying the fictional superheroes we all know and admire. Batman is The Dark Knight a bad-ass lone-wolf who suffered a great tragedy that made him what he is today. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who’s family runs a lucrative technology business and he used his family inheritance to become a soldier.

Batman has a powerful suit of armour and expendable array of gadgets that he uses to take down the criminal elite in Gotham city but now a war has waged so he has no choice but to network and call among his super-friends. Justice League: Part 1 the movie will be coming out in November this year look out for a trailer review on my blog.






Written by SCORPZ0001

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