Wonder Woman teaser for The Justice League Movie

Gal Gadot is he actress who will be portraying the Amazonian warrior Goddess. Wonder Woman is a pivotal member of This upcoming movie because she is the only representing woman. Wonder Woman is a fierce warrior with several awesome powers, weapons and abilities that make her a useful asset to the team such as: Utilising the Lasso of Truth, Her Sword that is called The Sword of Athena with her shield additionally she has left and right indestructible bracelets that are used to deflect bullets and projectiles.

Wonder Woman was introduced to the DCEU  in the film Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice that was released last year March 19th (2016) she had a minor role but was pretty useful in that movie, that is why I am happy that Wonder Woman also known as Diana Prince is getting the screen time she deserves with this teaser and hopefully in the full trailer we are introduced to her character more. (Character Development)






Written by SCORPZ0001

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