The Flash teaser trailer for The Justice League Movie

Ezra Miller will be portraying The Flash in the upcoming Justice League Movie that is coming out in November this year. Barry Allen is the first Flash superhero and is one of the most iconic speedsters in the comic book world. This version of The Flash is fun, lighthearted and awesome.

In the trailer he has fully embraced his new speedster identity and is as fast as lightning, the speecforce is blue (Grant Gustin’s speedforce from The Flash CW is yellow like in the comics), which is a unique edition to Barry Allen’s source of power. This Flash has an updated costume; giving a more modern look to this hero.

Ezra also known as Barry Allen is seen putting his hands together in a praying position and it seems like is embracing his speed but in a very peculiar way. He seems to be doing a kung-fu pose while he is about to take off at the speed of light. Racing off into the distance is The Flash he will be uniting with the rest of The Justice League in Novermber.




Written by SCORPZ0001

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