Cyborg Teaser trailer for The Justice League Movie

Ray Fisher will be portraying Cyborg BOO-YAH,  the teen half robot fighting machine has evolved. In this timeline, Cyborg also known as Victor Stone will be in The Justice League. Cyborg is a half man half robot but is human at heart. He is a loyal member to The Justice League, upon discovering that a freak dangerous accident made him into what he is. Victor Stone has fully accepted Batman’s invitation to join his new team.

Cyborg is a powerful superhero because his robotic armour features several gadgets and attributes that make him badass is that Cyborg’s body part have been replaced with advanced prosthetic giving him a:  bionic body, super strength, technopathy, genius-level intellect, highly skilled in hand to hand combat, technomorphin healing factor and a numerous functions such as advanced weaponry, numerous functions and sensors.

Cyborg is a half man, half machine fighting machine not only does he possess Superhuman Strength, durability he also has a powerful sonic canon cannon by turning his arm into a cannons that are able to shoot: sonic booms and laser beams that inflict damage on his targets. BOO-YAH.





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