Today, we are blessed with another movie teaser trailer from Warner Bros. This teaser trailer highlights Aquaman portrayed by Jason Momoa, the trailer shows Ben Affleck’s Batman giving the trident to Aquaman, the trailer is short bur sweet and action packed.

The trailer is exclusive and epic Aquaman is trying to embody Moses in the Bible, it seems like that’s where the director Zack Synder got his inspiration to direct the scene well in my opinion the trident divided the water just like the biblical character Moses did.

The scene represents. The King of Atlantis this trailer is incredible, Superheroes are iconic and it is great to see Aquaman being portrayed as a badass since there was some criticism that Aquaman was a useless superhero in the DCEU. In my opinion the casting and teaser is DC Comics and Warner Bros way of getting rid of the criticism that they received from the number of years.

The trailer is amazing and I think the movie will be amazing. The Justice League Movie Part 1 has been long overdue but I understand that they had to take their time with this film becuase The Justice League are a pivotal team in DC Comics and it’s essential that they are portrayed in a theatrical way.

My only complaint is will we see a Green Lantern ?

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Written by SCORPZ0001

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