Today, we are treated to a new trailer of the Netflix Death Note movie, that was announced last year. Death Note is a well received anime/manga. Death Note is a written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The story is about Light Yagami who is a left-wing high school student who believes in dark justice he finds a random black notebook after school left on Earth by a clumsy Death God (Shinigami)  called Ryuk.

The Death Note, possess supernatural abilities. The Death God (Shinigami) Ryuk grants the user unlimited ability to kill anyone whose name and known face is written inside the notebook. The series has three main characters: Light Yagami, L and Ryuk. Light Yagami is the main protagonist, L is a detective and deuteragonist who wants to discover the cause of the mysterious serial killer that is an unknown vigilante that goes by the Pseudonym “Kira”.

Death Note has a theme of cleansing the world of evil, Light thinks of himself as a God amongst men, L is a quirky, weird intelligent detective who is called to take on the case since this is a National threat to Japan or in this case Seattle he must stopped.

The anime has been adapted several times in Asian movies and dramas, this is the first glimpse of Death Note in a Western Setting, that’s why I think it has potential especially since it is a Netflix Original Film.

The film will be dark and have a hysteria setting. I’m so hyped for this movie let’s go Death Note I watched the anime too so I pretty much know what goes down but I won’t spoil it for people who have not seen the film just know it has a lot of blood, gore and action so be aware before watching the anime and eventually watching this film when it releases later on this year.



Written SCORPZ0001

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