The Power Rangers Movie is coming out very soon, on the 24th of March and with all the excitement, Lionsgate is releasing tons of content for instance there is a behind the scenes video informing us the fans on what we can expect from the movie and how important this movie is to Power Ranger fans and how they are trying to differentiate themselves from other superhero movies and paying homage to the original TV show.

From right to left Dacre Montgomery (Jason Lee Scott), Zack Taylor (Zack Taylor), Kimberley Ann Hart (Noami Scott), Rebecca Marie Gomez (Trini Kwan), R.J, Billy Cranston (R.J. Cyler)


The actors describe this movie as not just another movie but an interesting story of “teenagers with attitude” who are portray real high school teenagers who are outcasts coming together and forming a unit to fight Rita Repulsa and her army of puddies and golden monster.


Watch the video below featuring interviews with the main characters from the film



Written by SCORPZ0001

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