SNK are a Japanese video game hardware and software company they are the developers for King of Fighters XIV (14). SNK operates as a publisher, video game developer and hardware manufacturer that mainly create arcade games and a cartridge-based arcade system based and fourth-generation home video game console. (Neo Geo System) 

Say hello to Yamakazi Ryuji He has a villainous like look and will not be stopped, do you think you can become invincible with this character ?  and oh yeah did I forget to mention he grabs random objects such as chairs, a fish, store signs and a ladder, this guy looks like a Yakuza with blonde hair. I can’t wait to use this character to inflict pain and beat my on my opponents online off course.

One of SNK’s main video game intellectual property is King of Fighters XIV, King of Fighters is a 2D fighting game with 3D graphics. The game features an array of iconic characters that all have unique abilities, in this case Yamazaki has brute strength and a dark aura that he uses that enhance his strength, ensuring his opponents a devastating defeat with his kicks and punches and crazy personality this new dlc character is going to be exciting to use in-game.



Yamakazi KOF 14.jpg
Yamakazi the next challenger for King of Fighters XIV for PlayStation 4

 Event Hubs  has provided us with more images of this new downloadable content character



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