Check out the Pro-league Tekken Tag: Tournament 2 scene in London

District-G  are a group of fighting game enthusiasts who host gaming exhibitions in London specialising in one fighting game franchise ; Tekken which is popular 3D Japanese fighting game. In London the e-sports fighting game community is growing and more and more people are entering Tekken tournaments for the glory and honour of winning in a competition.

This tournament was a closing party that means this was the last Tekken Tag Tournament 2 event that will be hosted by District-G until Tekken 7 releases in June the 2nd.This tournament was six days ago, (12/03/17) and featured some of the UK’s top fighting game talents  such as King Jae, Kaneandtrench, Rookang, Phantom and Asim who are all sponsored professional gamers in the Tekken fighting game community. The most significant part of this tournament off course was the grand finals. Asim and Phantom advanced to the grand finals.


Asim and Phantom are well-known players in London for competing in many tournaments  and building a competitive reputation among the UK Tekken fighting game community. According to the commentators, Asim is known for using a range of different characters in  Tekken Tag Tournament 2 such as: Eddy Gordo, Lars, Miguel and Marduk. Phantom is a well-known for using the team of Raven and Wang. For these specific tekken matches, Phantom used the team consisting of:  Ancient Ogre/Jun and Asim used the team of Eddy Gordo/Lars Alexandersson, the matches were intense with characters  executing high, middle and low manveours, with combos and jungles.

Check out the grand finals, below of the tournament footage. The video below is a great example of high level Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gameplay from the United Kingdom. London has some of the best players in Europe and the fighting game community is passionate about this vibrant video game series (Tekken) This is a must watch, check out the video below.





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