John Boyega is ready for Pacific Rim: Uprising

The highly anticipated sequel, to the action fantasy movie Pacific Rim (2013) is making a comeback. but this time, Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers are introducing  Stacker Pentecost’s son.  John Boyega will be starring in the sequel titled Pacific Rim: Uprising; director, Guillermo del Toro  has high hopes this film will succeed. With a budget of 190 USD, expect a action packed war between giant robots and giant monsters similar to Godzilla.

I will recap the first movie for anyone who has not seen it. Also I will discuss my predictions for the sequel below:

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John Boyega will star as Jake Pentecost in Pacific Rim: Uprising 

Recap part 1:

“Earth was at war with the Kajiu giant monsters which have suddenly appeared from a interdimensional portal  coming from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. , In order to defeat the threat of monsters, humanity must unite and in order for them to do this they must create Jaegers which are huge mechas based on humanoid mechas manually piloted by two people known as pilots.”

Raleigh Becket and another pilot, piloting the Jaegers 


Recap part 2:

“The two pilots must be in sync with each other, their minds are joined by a neural bridge and during battle against the Jaegers., the first film follows: Raleigh Becket, a washed-up Jaeger pilot who is assigned with a task. He must come out of retirement and team up with a rookie pilot Mako Mori as part of a last-minute mission to defeat the Kaiju. Now that, recap is over I want to give you my predictions for the sequel. “

The sequel titled Pacific Rim: Uprising , directed by Steven. S DeKnight, who is a movie producer and screenwriter for the film wants this movie be a move in the right direction pushing to boundaries that have never been seen before in a science fiction monster film. lights, camera, action.

 John Boyega ‘s role will be Jake Pentecost son of the great Stacker Pentecost. My predictions for this sequel will be that Jake Pentecost will be his successor, and the plot will involve him leading a new duo of pilots.

Jake Penetecost.jpg
Jake Pentecost in his Jaeger uniform 

The pilots, will have to engage in intense training such as: karate, kendo and will also need to get to know each other in order to  to manoeuvre and control the Jaegers (nerual bridge) I think the Kaiju, will appear and wreak havok in a future reimagining of San Francisco.

The plot for thie movie is not yet revealed but I will update this blog, when the information is released.

The cast of this film will be


Pacific Rim: Uprising is scheduled to be released on February 23, 2018, by Universal Pictures.[28] Previously it was scheduled for an August 4, 2017, release, and originally for April 7, 2017.[29]

Check out the behind the scenes video below, of the film making of Pacific Rim: Uprising.






Written by SCORPZ0001

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