Yu-Gi-Oh Link Summon mechanic will be introduced to the TCG in July

Link Summon mechanic is the new game mode for the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh, introduced to the TCG community in July. This new mode is extraordinary, and ties into the all new sixth series of the anime of the whole franchise, which will be making it’ debut in Japan this spring, this is a shōnen so this show is aimed at younger boys, and is aimed to be a source of inspiration forthe younger generation, to never give up and persue your highest ambitions.  (winning a card game)

Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS

A lot of fans are excited for the progression of this series. This Yu-Gi-Oh series will be called Yu-Gi-Oh ! Vrains this link provided by Comicbook.com shows, will direct you to a trailer of the new main character who features the two haired coloured combo purple and blue.

The creators of this series seem to like drawing characters with hair with a front and back design displaying the main colour of this characters hair which is blue and the secondary colour of his hair which is purple, maybe the colours represent something significant.

The main characters name is Yusaku Fujiki, a high school student who doesn’t like standing out much he will be riding a hover board or a surfboard of some kind and will use this while he duels in a virtual reality setting, his card type is dark not evil.

(His decode talker is DARK-attribute monster) 




During there Main Phase 1 or 2, the turn player can Link Summon a Link Monster from the Extra Deck by first declaring the action and then selecting the Link Monster in their Extra Deck that they intend to Link Summon. Following this, they send the requisite face-up Link Materials they control to the Graveyard, as listed on the Link Monster itself, provided that two conditions are fulfilled.

  1. The number of sent Link Materials satisfies the number of required Link Materials listed on the Link Monster.
  2. The combined number of any sent non-Link Monsters and the combined Link Numbers of any sent Link Monsters exactly matches the Link Number of that Link Monster.

After that, the Link Monster is taken from the Extra Deck and placed on the field in face-up Attack Position.


Learn to play the game we all know and love


Yusaku Fujiki (Left)  and Aoi Zaizen (Right) 


6th Yu-Gi-Oh series.JPG
Buy this from the official Yu-Gi-Oh store, Amazon or eBay when it is released.



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