My Logan film review – Spoiler Free

Logan is the last time we will see Hugh Jackman  re-enact  his long career as Wolverine, this film is a crazy thrill of non-stop action, bloodthirsty mercenaries and sadness. The movie is set in a Mad Max Fury and RAGE (the video game) type of setting (For instance farms and barns are used and the characters and getaway vehicles) I would describe the setting as a dreary, cowboy like setting in the wild west.

The film’s plot centres around four main characters the (“Heroes”) who are: James Howlett (Logan), Laura Kinney (X-23) portrayed by , Professor Xavier (Charles Xavier) portrayed by  Patrick Stuart and Caliban  (Sensory type)  portrayed by Stephen Merchant .

The writers, producers and directors wanted to get straight to the point, with their approach in this film, they wanted the audience to connect deeply and emotionally to the characters and plot of the movie which was quite sad and depressing but oh so real and deep.

The film actors were very direct and displayed strong emotions such as: anger, rage and sadness, with a hint of humour and even broke the fourth wall. In a way you can compare the two main characters (Logan  (Wolverine) and Laura Kinney (X-23) , to Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us the video game)

The enemies were: Donald Pierce (Cyborg with one arm who was a bounty hunter) portrayed by Boyd Holbrook, Doctor Xander Rice  (Weapon X Mad scientist portrayed by Richard E Grant. They really made me feel uneasy, they were pure evil and wanted to obtain their objective by any means necessary.

Throughout the film, there is constant conflict (Heavy violence) and blood shed, as you can imagine, the Weapon X program was conducted by unlawful scientists they experimented on all kinds of people of all ages. I felt disgusted and sad about what they had to go through it was very heart breaking and tough to endure. of course I am referring to the fictional plot of he movie but still it was a tragedy .

This film is not your typical “save the cheerleader, save the world” type of movie. This film represents real life trauma with a hint of the superhero and super villain story line including: super powered mutants, comics (Breaking the fourth wall), murder, rage, sadness and a few occasional happy moments like.

As a work of fiction, they really went ham !!! with the murder, as a rated R movie they did not hold back so much killing and bloodshed and violence and aggression and rage I have to emphasise on the RAGE. At times, it was too much but that’s what you would expect from a Rated R movie, prepare to see a lot of action and adventure.

The movie is a 100% must see, one of the best films to be released this year, this movie can be enjoyed by any casual fan of comic books, meaning you don’t have to be a hardcore comic book fan (Marvel Entertainment) you just need to know the characters and plot which you can find in my SPOILER REVIEW that will be uploaded next.

I’m so hyped are you?

Stay tuned to for more news and updates on all things: gaming, comics and anime related and other forms of entertainment. Also I’ll be writing a spoiler review to talk about possible theories and plot holes for future characters such as Daken and a stand-alone X-23 film.



Logan and Laura Kinney aka Wolverine and X-23














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