JDCR wins Tekken Final Round 20 at Atlanta

Echo Fox’s JDCR does it again, yesterday there was a Tekken 7 tournament in America (Atlanta) a lot of Tekken fans came to watch the professional players compete and off course play casual rounds of the game. South Korean JDCR is as dominant as they say.

In an unexpected turn of events yesterday the current EVO 2016 and KOIFT 2016 champion  Echo Fox Saint  of Korea failed to make it to Top 8, since he was placed in losers bracket by In The Skies’ Joey Fury (ITS), and then eliminated by ITS Spero Gin.

Japanese players Co Tanukana made it to Top 8, but was eliminated by ITS Jackie Tran. Those two are world-class players that America had eliminated. Many American supporters wanted their fellow American players to win Final Round 20 but that wasn’t the case.

JDCR South Korean prodigy Tekken Champion does it again

Anyway moving on, in the winners bracket Echo Fox JDCR had participated against Joey Fury, this game was difficult but Joey Fury summoned all his strength and actually sent JDCR to the losers bracket, this was quite the achievement for Joey Fury if I do say so myself, but JDCR proves once again why he is a reigning champion, defeating opponents with his main character Heihachi Mishima.


JDCR was sent to losers bracket but still managed to win a grand final, he faced Speedkicks six times in order to win, this was a long mission but JDCR handled it with ease, JDCR used Dragonuv (Russian scary army commander) his secondary character (Heihachi Mishima is his first) Dragonuv’s performance were very aggressive, badass, extreme and off the chain. Speedkicks uses Hwoarang. Upon loosing he would stay calm and reflect deeply on what decisions to make while playing, for example how to avoid JDCR’s characters juggles, combos and strings. (Hit box, high, medium and low attacks)

Nevertheless Speedkicks was defeated and JDCR won once again six matches to zero, check out the video below:


Here are the top 8 

2nd HZRD Speedkick | USA
3rd ITS Joey Fury | USA
4th ITS P.Ling | USA

5th Circa Anakin | USA
5th ITS Crowder | USA
7th ITS Spero Gin | USA
7th ITS Jackie Tran | USA

The full details of the results are here: https://smash.gg/tournament/final-round-20/events/tekken-7-fated-retribution/overview


Written by  SCORPZ0001

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