The Anti-Gravity racing genre is on the rise this year. with Nintendo Switch’s Fast RMX  title.  Nevertheless what about this PC title, Formula Fusion. This title is another, anti-gravity racing video game that you should play on your PC, available on steam.

The game play in the trailer below is a fluid example of this Intellectual Property it has potential to be the best with time.This anti-gravity game is developed by the people who developed the classic Wipeout (Video game) , in my opinion it is an homage to the classic title.

R8 Games on the other have developed an all new anti-gravity racing game, which proves to be a true next generation title that will blow your mind for instance the: graphics, game play, performance and frame rate are reliable at 60 frames per second, which is simply beautiful, as a pilot you get your weapons, gadgets and aim to elimante your target in order to come in first place, this game allows their players to engage in high speed anarchy. examples of the features for this game are missles, sheilds and just fast paced action.

Additionally I’d like to discuss that the official updates from the developers of Formula Fusion state “a near futuristic anti-gravity racing game for PC and next-generation, this is a work in progress (For the PlayStation 4)  but it is available for steam.”

Overall you the player will get an amazing expereince, bear in mind, this title is still a work in progress but I can assure you it’s a title not be missed.

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Check out the early footage of “Midtown Trafik Early Access Footage”



Formula Fusion is currently on Steam coming to PlayStation 4 later on in a few years this game is developed by R8 Games 


Check out the updates from the indie developers now:





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