Hugh Jackman has been caught, in this photo displaying the classic Wolverine mask. The mask is a true testament to the OG comic book animated TV shows of X-Men. After the smash hit of “Logan” a lot of people are left wondering who will take Hugh Jackman’s place as the Weapon X.

“We might never see Wolverine in his classic comic-book costumes on the big screen, but the director of his latest adventure has a good reason for it.” – James Mongold

The director James Mangold  decided not to put the mask on Hugh Jackman.

Below is his reason

“I’ve talked with Hugh and he said he’d like to continue and I would love to do this again, but we’re just refining that story and working on making a script,” James Mangold tells The Wall Street Journal. “All other decisions flow from there.”

I believe that the decision was important, on the other hand. We could see a number of different actors that will represent this mantle very well, in this case it will be down to casting.

Hugh Jackman himself could be involved with deciding who will be the next mutant but for now we have to wait and see for any updates and ask if the yellow and black costume is really necessary.

The image below, looks like an established costume, the gloves and mask look like they are made of a strong type of leather, spandex or kevlar. The yellow and black is an interesting contrast of the design.

The inverted jet like horns on the left and right side on the dome-shaped forehead part of the mask is definitely iconic and off course the six metal parts where his claws come out of are nostalgic.

The body suit is yet to be observed entirety, but one can only assume it will be complete, if we do get a fully costumed actor playing Wolverine, he better be ready.


Image result for hugh jackman classic wolverine costume
“A depiction of the classic costume in real life”


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