King of Fighters XIV DLC character announced say hello to Whip

Say hello to Whip, she uses a whip as her main weapon of choice and strikes fear into her opponents SNK  developed this character, with a plan in mind. King of Fighters, features a unique range of characters such as Angel, Billy Kane and Shun’ei who all possess an awesome ability/power.

This character is unique because she looks like an army lieutenant or some other high-ranking role.

Whip pretty much uses her name as a weapon, her whip can be used in battle to eliminate her opponents, combined with her HK, LK, HP, LP she is a deadly new character, the question is will you be picking her up. ?

Undoubtedly  you will have to learn her combos and strings are you ready to pick up your controller ?.


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Written by SCORPZ0001

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