Welcome Overwatch’s latest edition to the roster Orisa

Overwatch is a first-person shooter, with a twist it doesn’t have a story mode in the game but has an amazing cast of diverse superheroes and supervillains. Overwatch achieved greatness by winning game of the year at the game awards but the developers at Blizzard Inc.  are continuing to push the barrier of performance in their IP. The people behind this game work smart and create videos on their characters on youtube and even comics.

The latest character to join the ever-growing roster is a unique one. Say hello to Orisa who will be piloted by Efi Oladele  who is a child genius at the tender age of eleven she has the passion for engineering robots and also artificial intelligence.

Doomfist is the incognito  supervillain and will stop at nothing to gain control and win by any means necessary, this is troubling because he or she invaded Efi’s homeland which is a fictional setting of Africa and a map in the game Overwatch. Orisa has a rich storyline check out below to see for yourself, in the age of females and robots being prevalent in digital entertainment (Nier Automata, Horizon: Zero Dawn) just to name a few this duo fits in perfectly.

     Overwatch’s latest duo (More trailers and images below)

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