People are licking their Nintendo Switch cartridges

Another weird and wonderful challenge to grace the internet, recently launch titles for the latest Nintendo console: Nintendo Switch Zelda: Breath of the wild “Nintendo Switch have been used in an unusual and percrular way, People are literally licking their games.

(This brings a whole new meaning to the whole blowing your games discs so they work, anyway back to the article)

“The Nintendo Switch Lick Challenge” is another edgy trend but to be honest I am curious to know what they taste like.

Check out some examples below of some reactions to the challenge.

“The Nintendo Switch Challenge”  and Example 2 LMFAO  apparently  Nintendo have coated all their small switch cartridges, with a disgusting non-hazardous coating that is described to be used on nail varnish or nail varnish remover ??? the new trend is so silly yet exciting and makes me so curious to taste a cartridge LMFAO.

On the other hand Nintendo wanted to stop young childen swallowing their cartiridges so they do not get sued and thus maintain a excellent ethical reputation.

The question is:

Will you lick a Nintendo Switch Cartridge ?





Written by SCORPZ0001 

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