Nier Automata is the hack and slash game you need in your life

Blind folded combat androids, Trashcan sharingan-looking piercing red eyes from the enemy machines, Ninja Katana’s and an as sortment of weapons and a pod sidekick. Platinum games and Square Enix have collaborated on a great title. The fifth ending of Drakengard leads to Nier if I am not mistaken, don’t quote me the Nier/Drakengard games timelines and how they correlate is quite confusing but nevertheless I am glad this spin-off was adapted from those past games.

The game is released in the United States, I’m from the United.Kingdom. so I have to wait three more additional days, but I will be ready even if I am spoiled a bit by the other international players but I will control the urge to spoil this title.

The Launch trailer is badass, having played the demo several times I feel like I am prepared for this video game, just know I will be playing it on my PS4.

Written by SCORPZ0001

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