Power Rangers 2017 Movie first clip revealed


Lionsgate and Saban Brands have officially “leaked” or for better use of words revealed the first clip of The Power Rangers 2017 Movie, This whole clip gives off a YouTube exploring creepy abandon places kind of vibe. The squad venture off into a deep underground futuristic space facility.

Billy (RJ Cyler) is explaining how he believes the place where they are all exploring has existed for 100,000’s of years, straight after Kimberley (Naomi Scott) express her distaste for the said place. Zack (Ludi Lin) seems like the outcast of the group, somewhat of a lovable asshole (douchebag) shouting and acting all bravado in front of everyone in this short reveal the teenagers with attitude are exploring what seems to be an abandoned cave/spaceship complex. Jason (Dacre Montgomery) brings out his power coin and it starts to glow red, the other team mates crowd around him in awe. A slight change happens in the underground abandoned place.

Jason (Dacre Montgomery) and Kimberley (Naomi Scott) look at each other in the darkness, to reassure that they are safe, but then a machine on the ceiling with blue eyes suddenly turns red in a fit of RAGE, and after that an underground earthquake occurs leaving the rangers defenceless.

Kimberley notices the place somewhat changing structure and that they are trapped, they all panic and split up going into particular pods that seem allocated to each person, in the underground space facility. Unfortunately, yet again Trini (Becky G) is abducted by a familiar face.





Written by SCORPZ0001 

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