My view of The Last Guardian, 3 months later- [Video Game Review]

The Last Guardian is one of the best games I have played so far on the PlayStation 4. Looking back at the game now, I honestly don’t know why I was so worried before the games release date. I remember my friends making different ‘predictions’ of how the game was going to end up, “It will be like another No Mans Sky!”, “It’s going to be rushed just like Final Fantasy”. However, on release day, I noticed that within the first few hours of playing the game, I knew it would be a game that I would continue to enjoy playing remember up until this day.

Long story short, the game story focuses around a young boy and man-eating beast called “Trico”. Me and my sister had even more fun playing the game by calling the young boy “Nico” making his name rhyme with the beast. Both you the player and Trico must work together to find and explore places and solve some something really annoying puzzles. At the start, you must feed Trico some blue glowing barrels that you find when exploring the beautiful areas within the game.On the other hand, don’t get too comfortable, once deeper into the story, we find out more about the young boys past and how the barrels that were fed to Trico all this time were humans. Of course, there is much more of the story that I don’t wish to spoil, however now that main good point of the game being the story is out of the way, let us talk about the controls.


My god, I have never hated the controls in this game compared to any other game I have played in my life before. I think every second I kept swearing so loudly at how irritating the camera was in the game and how even sometimes it would glitch up really bad especially when riding on the back on Trico.There were also issues when it comes to giving commands to Trico. This feature in the game is honestly really great and adds more interaction between Trico and the player, I really felt like Trico was my real pet. However sometimes this feature would just not work and I would be left swearing either to myself for maybe forgetting the commands or to the game for Trico for not even understanding what I wanted him to do.

However even with the issues of controls and annoying commands for Trico, I still found myself coming back for more. I completed the game within a week and at first, really did feel like giving it up due to the bad controls. But because of the emotional story and deep attachment to Trico and the young boy.I also enjoyed playing the game, no matter how many times I encountered issues, I hope to see more games like The Last Guardian in the future, the first game to have a story that made me cry, happy and emotional in positive ways that a game has never done before. These are the types of games that leave me wanting much more than what I had originally thought of at the beginning.

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