Dr Fate revealed for Injustice 2

Another awesome superhero is confirmed for this titan of a sequel, Netherealm studios are slowly announcing their roster for their upcoming fighting game Injustice 2. Dr Fate is one of these superheroes, I remember seeing Dr Fate first in the Justice League Unlimited Animated Series he was an awesome .

Kent Nelson is the most notable alias of Dr Fate. I would describe Dr Fate as a magical, astrological, ancestral, ancient Egyptian superhero since his signature manoeuvre or trick is an allusive anhk symbol which is of Ancient African Egyptian origin.

Dr Fate is superhero of justice working his backstory is below:

“While in Mesopotamia with his father Sven Nelson, the famed archaeologist Kent unwittingly awoke Nabu from suspended animation. By releasing Nabu a poisonous gas was released, killing Kent’s father but leaving him unharmed. Grateful Nabu mindwiped Kent and made him Doctor Fate, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.”

Dr Fate is an exciting addition to the ever-growing roster for Netherrealms Injustice 2, this game is shaping up to be a great title. Make sure you’re ready for this game when it comes out on May 16th this year.

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                               Check out the reveal trailer for Dr. Fate



Written by SCORPZ0001

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