Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odon is the RPG you should be playing

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a side scrolling role-playing game for the PC based on African fantasy, developed by Indie developers Kiro’o Games based in  Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Published Plug In Digital Label who are from France. This new IP is available for download on steam for £10.99 with an optional DLC for only £3,99 which is the original sound track which is amazing for PC. This RPG was Funded by a successful kick-starter on by game designer Madiba Olivier and his team.

The RPG takes place in Zama the fictional world based on Africa. You play the role of a betrothed Prince and a Princess:The first protagonist is Enzo Kori-Odan. He is a Prince but is soon to be a King of Zama since he is the last heir to the throne hailing from the Kori-Odan family who are a royal family in this RPG he was supposed to become King but was betrayed, exiled during his coronation and led astray by his jealous brother-in-law.

The second protagonist is the Princess her name is Erine Evou she is of another tribe Soma to be exact. Both are exiled from their coronation and are forced to build an army of followers in order to reclaim their thrown at Zama that is currently being taken over by her evil brother.  The Prince and Princess must ally with neighbours from other African nations and work together to defeat the evil brother who has taken over Zama, and reclaim  their rightful place as royalty King and Queen.

This role-playing game takes a lot of its inspiration from Africa culture such as: African tradition is prevalent from a story about Kings and Queens,  African mythology the Aurion,The trailer was even dubbed in Bassa dialect, the main protagonist Enzo wears clothing inspired by Maasai clothing and the outfits, of the NPCs are inspired by many African tribes such as the: Tuareg, Yoruba and the Fula and many others.

The gameplay is action packed, fun, fluid and adventurous. There are moments of bliss and peace before the dreadful situation scene that introduces you to the main plot of the game this is truly a thrilling experience. Both characters are able to use heavy-hitting combos moves against enemies and magic which is the Aurion which is a powerful magic that is practiced among royalty both the Prince and Princess are able to wield this power. Aurion is a powerful collective of energy that is passed from their African ancestors.

Also, this game focuses on working together with your partner to defeat the evil villains. Kiro’o Games aim was to Unify and transmit the strength of the African culture into a video game by implementing African values, tales, mythology. Hoping to end the stigma of the lack of African game development companies arising. I must say Kiro’o Games have done a great job this 2D RPG is, entertaining, traditional, action packed and full of adventure it’s a must play and get only on steam for PC.

With a vibrant, colourful and bright scenery in the game enjoyable original sound tracks that play throughout the game. You are definitely going to enjoy this RPG and did I forget to mention you get to play as two awesome characters a soon to be KING AND QUEEN  with unique abilities. this African side scrolling RPG will have you entertained and will captivate you on African video games.

The game is released on steam







                                       Check out the combat system in this game



Written by SCORPZ0001 

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