Warner Bros are planning a Nightwing Stand alone Movie that will be directed by the LEGO Batman Movie Director

Nightwing is a superhero who was originally Robin the boy wonder, when he started his career as Batman’s sidekick. According to several different sources Source 1 Source 2 Chris McKay who was the director for The LEGO Batman movie which was very successful with a rating of 7.7 out of 10 The LEGO Batman Movie ratings and reviews ; Chris McKay will be directing a standalone Nightwing solo film that will be distributed by Warner Brothers. This will be Nighwing’s official introduction to the DC Comics Cinematic Universe.

Nightwing for those who don’t know is a well-known character in DC Comics character he was originally Robin the boy wonder leader of the Titans, The Teen Titans the teenage superhero fighting squad. After his years as Robin, Dick Grayson retired and came up with the new persona of Nightwing with the inspiration from a legendary Kryptonian superhero.

As Nightwing, Dick Grayson is an independent hero, first living in Bludhaven than in the New 52 DC Comics he moved to Chicago. There are  many versions of Nightwing comics such as Nightwing (1995), Nightwing 1996, Nightwing (2011) and Nightwing Rebirth.

With a plethora of source material to choose from Warner Brothers and the people involved in the planning process for this upcoming Nightwing movie have a lot to choose from. Nightwing in my opinion is a very important character who should have got a movie, TV series and generally an official real life appearance a long time ago, being the most succesful sidekick in comic book history and proving that he can be his own hero in future comic books and animated TV series such as Young Justice and Teen Titans.

Dick Grayson was the first and original Robin the boy wonder he was the first to don the outfit and become Batman’s sidekick. Dick Grayson has been through a lot from discovering his parents death after that fatal circus performance mistake, being adopted by The Dark Knight (Batman) and eventually becoming the hero Robin the boy wonder. Batman and Robin were an iconic duo after he retired as Robin he finally grew up in a his own image of a superhero who is Nightwing his adventures continue once he movies to Bludhaven than Chicago against villains such as The Prankster and many others.

Nightwing is a natural born performer (acrobat) that is where his agility comes from and this combined with his intensive training with Batman, he learned detective skills from him and martial arts. While he is on patrol as Robin Dick Grayson wears a utility belt filled with useful weapons and gadgets such as grappling hook, birdarang and bo-staff.

As Nightwing he has an all new black and blue (sometimes red) suit with Kevlar protection and an eye piece mask in his boot and glove gauntlets he has Nightwing specially designed kunai similar to ninja’s shuriken and duo escrima sticks. With his martial art skills and acrobatics he is a dangerous weapon. I am so excited to see this movies progression and especially who Warner Brothers casting will cast to play the role of Nightwing/Dick Grayson and many other aspects of this very exciting upcoming movie.



Chris McKay the director who will direct this upcoming Nightwing standalone film



Image result for nightwing COMIC
Say hello to our hero: Nightwing


Written by SCORPZ0001

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