Efi Oladele an 11 year old inventor from Numbani. (A fictional West African country in the video game Overwatch) Overwatch’s blog interviews a young African genius. According to Overwatch’s latest blog post Overwatch’s latest blog post Efi is genius scientist and engineer specialising in building and creating her own Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

She is remarkable because at the age of eleven she accomplished a “genius grant” 


Already one of the world’s foremost centers of scientific discovery and exploration, Numbani has a brilliant new mind to add to its ranks: Efi Oladele. In the last year, she’s built a resume of impressive achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence, but perhaps most remarkably is that she’s done all of this by the age of eleven. Last month, she became the most recent recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “genius grant,” in recognition of her many accomplishments. She is undoubtedly someone whose career will be watched with great interest.

Overwatch Blog Post

The Overwatch blog features an interview between the eleven year old prodigy, explaining her goals and ambitions with her work, read her whole interview the link is above.

She was granted money. She is a Scientist Prodigy, she wants to build an Omnic to keep her Family Safe, she wants to help people, a Machine like those “OR15s”

We need to keep in check of the Key Words used in her Interview.
DRONES, OR15s, Artificial Intelligence. Efe is building a God AI. Something Overwatch Members like Winston is very, very interested in.

Not saying she could potentially create our next Hero, but she could have something to do with it, and how it turns out.

I really can’t wait to see what she has to do with our Next Hero, and I really want a new Omnic Hero as well. Thank you Blizzard for this.

 The information that has been presented to us, suggests that this new character is a hero and will use Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to battle. This funny, witty and interesting blog post on Overwatch’s official blog is exciting and I hope she is the newest edition to the Overwatch roster, she has heart and a kid genius or even a prodigy, the blog post is available to read and is an interview that is interesting to say the least.



Efi Oladele 11-year-old genius specialising in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, who is rumoured to be the next new character for Overwatch




Written by SCORPZ0001

The sources I used for this article:

  1. Overwatch blog
  2. Overwatch’s African Nation
  3. Her goals and ambitions


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