Namco Bandai Entertainment are touring around the world with Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, they are supporting a number of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution tournaments and one of them is Collision 2017, In Lima, Peru. Tekken 7 organisers have organised this tournament in Peru called Collision.

.Markman and the new community manager for Bandai Namco Entertainment in America Dalton are commentating on behalf of Tekken  and Namco. Big names in the fighting game community such as Saint the winner of EVO 2016 and JDCR who has consecutively won many Tekken tournaments such as Lionzden 3 and a Tekken tournament in Dubai.

This Tekken tournament was a massive tournament for South American players and the fighting game community pools to finals, many of the South American Tekken players fought valiantly but two of Tekken’s most dominant tournament players JDCR and SAINT. Who hail from South Korea.

Newly sponsored by eSports Echo Fox, JDCR and SAINT played several matches from the pools to winners and losers brackets to both make it to grand finals, let’s not forget third place, that position was awardeded to South American Tekken player Nene.

In the grand finals JDCR faced SAINT it was awesome. JDCR chose Heihachi Mishima in the first few rounds and changed to Dragonuv. SAINT chose Jack-7 in the first few rounds and later changed to Bob. The battles were fierce but JDCR got the win in the end SAINT fought valiantly but JDCR used Heihachi’s low kick to get the much needed K.O. JDCR will be competeting in future tournaments while Tekken 7: Fated Retribution is on tour this year.

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Check out the GRAND FINALS HERE 


JDCR’s trophy for winning awarded by Harada-San
This is JDCR beating SAINT in their last match up
JDCR AND SAINT after competing




Written by SCORPZ0001

The sources I used for this article

  1. Tekken’s official twitch where they stream their tournaments
  2. JDCR’s Twitter
  3. Watch the whole livestream of the Collision 2017 Tournament
  4. eSports organisation that sponsored JDCR and SAINT


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(Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners, I am using their information fairly and legally just to inform my readers. Freedom of Information Act 2000)



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