The ever-growing cast for the heroic and villainous fighting game just keeps on increasing It has been confirmed that Swamp Thing will be joining the eagerly anticipated game that is Injustice 2 the game that I like to dub “The DC Comics Fighting game”.

Swamp Thing is a superhero who uses his plant abilities to protect humans and nature, he was a Botanist Alec Holland after his accident in a swamp because of an accident he is now the  humanoid plant creature in DC Comics.

“Swamp Thing” known for having plant-like abilities such as superhuman strength, durability. telepathic domination over plant life, Nature manipulation, plant physiology shape shifting, and also Swamp Thing can create new bodies out of plants pretty awesome powers indeed.

In terms of Injustice 2 Swamp Thing’s powers are ideal for long-range attacks his branches will leave a man damaged. He also has a special manuever which drags his opponents in to the ground into the roots of a tree (YOU ACTUALLY SEE THE ROOTS OF THE TREE AND SOIL IT’S AWESOME) also his giant arms grabs the opponent and hits and breaks their back as seen in the trailer, this “leafs” lol smh the opponents vulnerable to a Knock Out.

Swamp Thing is a must try in Injustice 2 which will be available 16th May 2017 on the PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Android and IOS devices.


    Check out this action packed trailer of Swamp Thing in action




Written by: SCORPZ0001

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