Samurai Jack Season 5 New Trailer Released

A few weeks ago, we were bombarded with all kinds of articles on Samurai Jack season 5 returning, a lot of us nostalgic and new gen fans are excited. Samurai Jack the original series started in 2004 (The story and the show was created by Genndy Tartakovsky) Cartoon Network announced that Samurai Jack will be returning to Adult Swim very soon.

There is a new trailer released by Toonami on Facebook, the latest trailer features our favourite Samurai is a dire situation, unable to return to the past stuck in a never-ending pursuit to defeat the evil demon Aku and other enemies and eventually return to the past and set things correctly, but unfortunately our hero is still stuck in the future.

In the latest trailer. the narrator explains how “50 years has passed but I do not age”A blue skinned look confronts Jack alike who is yelling at a bearded, tattered clothing, long-haired Samurai Jack shouting at him saying “HOW LONG CAN YOU KEEP THIS UP”. who is the original he states that “He does not age who is thought to be the original form the earlier seasons. This institutes Jack might have lost his fighting spirit along his long and difficult venture to defeat Aku. But all hope is not lost, further more in the trailer a floating mentor I  believe shouts to our hero “YOU, HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR PURPOSE”.

Reminding our hero that he needs to never give up his quest for Justice and to keep fighting to defeat Aku and his minions and any other threat, Samurai Jack is no ordinary Samurai he wields a magical Katana.

(Crafted by the Gods of Oldin , Ra and Vishnu originally the weapon for Samurai Jack’s father Samurai Lord the weapon can only be wielded by someone with a pure heart; Aku once tried but failed to use the Katana on Jack but failed miserably. The weapon is an item of The Gods it is very powerful and can cut through anything literally such as Admantium.)

After he is reminded of who he is and a flashback of his village displays this. Samurai Jack is back and ready to fight the good fight, The rest of the trailer features a lot of badass action scenes which I like to call BADASS-ERY. Samurai Jack is seen fighting off a group of seven elite evil female assassins who have been sent to kill our hero, with blood on the wall and explosions Samurai Jack must use every once of strength to fight these seven assassins.

The battle continues outside in the snow. Many other short scenes from Season 5 are shown as well. this season seems to be a lot of battles with minor enemies. Jack get’s a new Samurai armour and handgun (the firearm was much-needed assistance if you ask me) and explosives to fight against the large number of enemies in his way. “Jack’s Back (March the 11th for the Americans) and ready for a brand new rap.

Samurai Jack is the only warrior capable of defeating Aku and putting an end to his reign of terror his Samurai skills and his weapon  aids him in battle against evil which is needed since “Aku’s grasp chokes the present, past and the future”. This said by our hero Samurai Jack explains to us that he is weary of his enemy and is not backing down although Aku and his minions are a threat Jack can and will defeat him I’m sure of it.

The new trailer is badass and shows a darker much grittier side to this show we have not seen before I hope the show is broadcasted on Fox (UK’s Adultswim network programme block) Americans have Toonami I can’t wait for this, I hope this article got you hyped for season 5 of Samurai Jack. Don’t forget to leave a comment and like the article and follow too.

                  Check out the latest trailer here above 



Written by:  SCORPZ0001

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