Could Skate 4 be confirmed ?

Skateboarding is lit, anyone who’s into it or not must appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into learning tricks as a newcomer or relearning them as a veteran pro, tricks such as kickflip, nollieflip, nollieheel, treflip, ollie north, ollie, 360 pop shuv-it BUT WAIT there’s more anyone can literally do any skateboard trick well in video games. Skate 3 is arguably the greatest skateboarding video game on the market (“Hey what about Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 5 LMFAO inside joke”)

I come from a hoverboard video game background as well (Airblade PS2, LOOK IT UP) was actually my first skateboarding video game that was so fun and entertaining and to a certain extent got me interested in skateboarding (Nyjah Huston) Skate 4 developed by EA is a game a lot of skate heads want and after years and years of protest has EA finally spilled the beans and giving us what we want. you can be the judge of that.

If Skate 4 is a the real deal I hope it is on PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch and PC. EA better do this.

Image result for skate 3
“A skater doing a smith grind down a hubba set of stairs”


“Is this confirmation or a joke, only time will tell”



  1. Skate 4 could be a thing
  2. Skate 4
  3. Skate 3 by EA

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