Game director for Moon Studios Thomas Mahler says “Scorpio isn’t just a half-assed upgrade (Which the PS4 PRO kinda is…), but a full blown next-gen that’s just backwards-comparability to your current library”.

This quote is damn right savage, but apparetnelt y according to this game director if you buy this new next-generation system you will not loose your library of data on your previous console (XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE)

There are rumours that the console nicknamed “Project Scorpio” will be 4.5 times more powerful than the XBOX ONE. The Scorpio will be making an appearance this holiday season, E3 2017 will release more information.

Image result for xbox scorpio
Microsoft spokesmen talking about Project Scorpio



                                 (Check out this video from XBOX) 



  1. Project Scorpio is TBA (2017)

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