Breaking News: Square Enix and Marvel announce a multi-game partnership

Square Enix and Marvel have announced that they will both be collaborating on a new gaming partnership as of now. code-named  #Reassemble.

In my opinion, this was a surprising result but interesting, both organisation announced on their twitter accounts that they would be big news and if you put two and two together it would make a lot of sense.Square Enix are known for their amazing story telling in cinematic like video games such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy and Marvel is well-known for their comic book superheroes such as The Avengers (Iron-Man, Captain America, Black Widdow, Hulk and Hawk-Eye) both companies work hard to produce content long time fans have grown to love in all types of multi-media (video games, TV Shows and comic books) this is great news.

I will be on the look out for more news regarding this collaboration and the working titles.




(Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners, I am using their information fairly and legally just to inform my readers. Freedom of Information Act 2000)


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  2. MarvelUK on Facebook

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