Tekken 7 release date announced !!!

The long-awaited date, has finally been revealed on June the 2nd Tekken 7: Fated Retribution will be upon us for the western world. This is a monumental day. Friday will be a deadly day “Get ready for the next battle”.

 High tier, Medium tier and Low tier players will have the opportunity to finally get their hands on the game, this is especially a beneficial thing for the UK fighting game community and the rest of the world who have been eagerly awaiting, since the announcement.

Tekken 7 brings a new hope to all kinds of fighting game fans, Tekken 7 features: Rage art, New characters and returning characters. (Lucky Raven, Claudio, Lucky Chloe, Jun Kazama and Shaheen and many others)

The game is an arcade 3D fighting game developed/published by Bandai Namco Studios, for the Unreal engine on the platforms: PC, XBOX ONE AND PlayStation 4. The game does have an exciting story mode you will have to get the game to find out more.


tekken 7 fr srk NEW
Hwoarang kicking Jin Kazama’s Ass in Tekken 7: FR look at all the damage !!!!


“Satsui no Hado”



(Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners, I am using their information fairly and legally just to inform my readers. Freedom of Information Act 2000 )


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  3. Tekken 7 Wikipedia page




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