The old school super-powered colourful classic combustible unit is back

Are you ready for the game of the century, the classic Mighty Morphin Teenagers with Attitude are back, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Bam Tang have officially released their latest video game to the public now is available for the PlayStation 4. This title features the five classic characters from the 90s children’s TV Series everybody knows and loves, you guessed it Power Rangers. This game is called Power Rangers: Mega Battle and is available on the PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE.


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The main characters                                                                             The enemies 

  1. Red ranger: Jason                                                                              1.  Rita Repulsa
  2. . Blue ranger: Billy                                                                            2. Goldar
  3. Black ranger: Zack
  4. Pink ranger: Kimberley
  5. Yellow ranger: Trini
  6. Zordon


Zordon the floating head and mentor of the team will be guiding the teenagers with attitude while he aims to use them to battle Rita Repulsa and one of her main monsters Goldar the intergalactic witch is hell bent on ruling the earth,

This game is an awesome 2D side-scrolling video game, that allows you to control each ranger at once while evading Goldar’s intimidating attacks, the rangers use their awesome weapons their swords and laser guns.

This game allows players to use the megazord to directly battle with Goldar the megazord features deadly, energy blasts that can be inflicted on Goldar, ensuring his defeat. this game features iconic theme song “Go Go Power Ranges” additionally this game features anime like fighting scenes with flashing backgrounds engaging with the player to defeat Goldar, this game is a must play. !!!!



Image result for bandai namco
This power rangers game is distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment
Bam Tang.JPG
This video game is legally registered by Bamtang








The consoles already released on:

  1. PlayStation 4




  1. Check out the game here
  2. Power Rangers latest game
  3. Power Rangers latest game coming soon to XBOX

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