Superhero landing.JPG
“Superhero landing”
Zordon Power rangers movie.JPG
“Zordon’s face is revealed he now has the ability to move his face left and right.”

Anyone who is interested in superheroes must have heard, of Power Rangers growing up at some point, in their life, the multi-coloured combatant heroes are finally back but with a whole new twist, they are darker, grittier and downright dangerous and are here to stop the opposition. (The opposition is Rita Repulsa, Goldar and the puddies who want to take over Angel Grove)

Jason the red ranger is their leader he must lead the team, strategically it’s his duty to lead the squad to victory, using his intelligence and more specifically the megazords Alpha 5 and Zordon are storing in their secret headquarters underwater or underground ??? you tell me.

The zords that come together to become the megazord are the Tyrannosaurs zord, Triceratops zord, Pterodactlyl zord, Mastadon zord and the Sabertooth Tiger zord once combined they all make a huge tall fighting machine literally.

The trailer also displays action from the zords fighting Goldar, the rangers fighting using their martialarts to defeat the puddies and much, much more, they finally showed us all the ranger action we wanted to see, it’s so exciting.




“Jason the red ranger the leader of the team”
Black and yellow.JPG
“Zack telling Billy he is the BLACK ranger xD”
Look good.JPG
“Jason realising his is all powerful”
Trini and Kimberley in the distance.JPG
“Trini looking edgy with Kimberley in the distance”
“The hologram puddies”
“Rita Repulsa the intergalactic witch”
“The pink ranger excited to be in here zord”
“Billy kicking a puddie to smithereens”







While watching the trailer, I noticed Angel grove was in a crisis and people are in need of saving since they are in danger. I also noticed Billy opening his locker and putting his book away this also suggests that he is in school, college or some kind of extra circular program for troubled teens, with the rest of the team also Trini and Kimberley seem really cool there was a scene were Trini joked that she was a superhero to her family and her mother grabbed a pee cup and yelled at her to pee in a cup, suggesting that she is on drugs LMFAO, this scene represents being a superhero is not all fun and games.

Dark and gritty.JPG
“The Power Rangers” (2017)


“GO GO” – The Power Rangers 2017 catchphrase 

red ranger.JPG

Red ranger grabbing hand.JPG
“Jason the red ranger grabbing a helpless civilian’s hand”


Kimberley the pink ranger was talking to Trini the yellow ranger, these are the girls of the group, Kimberley said and I quote “Were all screw ups”. the trailer than displays the groups journey on towards finding out that they are destined for a greater purpose, they all notice their glowing colours due to Billy and the rest of the gang including Zack the new black ranger finding the power coins they are submerged underwater and verbally notice their colours glowing.

Upon the rangers ascending from the underground pond, or whatever it is technically Zack  (Black ranger) who is a Asian-American (Chinese Canadian) actor said a to Billy who is an African-American actor (Blue ranger) speaking to each other.

Blue Ranger: I’m blue !!!!!

Black Ranger: “I’m black !!!!

Blue Ranger: “Whaaaat ???!!!!

Blue  Ranger: “No, you’re not”

After this part of the trailer the group all laugh, there’s two thoughts that come to mind when I watch that, one is laughter, oh yeah hilarious and the other is, this can be deemed as racial humour which has it’s pros and cons. It’s obvious that Billy is the comedic relief but I feel like he should be taken seriously, anyway moving on.

Zack seems to be the gung-ho member of the team, he is always so enthusiastic about being a black ranger and that is exciting he seems like the adventure, rooftop climber he will undoubtedly have great martial art skills in this film.




“This is such a true statement”






Overall the teenagers with attitude: Jason (The red ranger) , Trinni (The yellow ranger) , Billy (The blue ranger), Kimberley (The yellow ranger) and Zack (The Black ranger) all notice they are going through changes physically and mentally. For example Jason smashes the sink in his bathroom with a strong striking force, Zack comments to the group “Were strong” and Billy replies “Insanely strong”. in a relaxed demeanour.

The group were surrounded by huge monsters which are the puddies (Rita Repulsa’s foot soldiers) they are a lot stronger  and Zordon talks to the newly formed team.

Zordon: You must, become those warriors.

Zack: It’s jusr a hologram, like a video game

Billy: That’s a strong ass, hologram

The next scene transitions and in between we see a lot of fast paced action sequences, debris and destruction flying everywhere from cars being thrown around the city to megazords fighting Goldar.

The group of heroes finally meet Zordon (voiced by Bryan Cranston) Bryan Cranston is an amazing well known actor known for Breaking Bad (Walter White) and Even Stevens (Hal) he has also voiced past monsters in the old school Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show in the 90s . Zordon looks technological and also holographic, Lionsgate and Saban defintely made Zordon and Alpha 5 new and improved for instance Alpha 5, he is voiced by Bill Hader who’s voice is the right pitch and sound for this reboot movie.

Zordon than explains that the group, are destined to become “The Power Rangers” with the help of Alpha 5 (Voiced by Bill Hader) they will help the Power Rangers in their never ending struggle to defeat great evil (Rita Repulsa, Goldar, Puddies) I’m so excited for this film. It’s coming out March the 24th.

GO GO Power Rangers (Theme song playing)






“The Teenagers with attitude are underwater underground in their undercover base” 
Lionsgate logo.JPG
“This film is being distributed by Lionsgate”
The corporation that













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