The next instalment in the crude yet, awesome anti-hero Deadpool 2

In recent news, your favourite anti-hero Deadpool will be getting a sequel. Tim Miller the director of this film wants to continue the store, of this mercenary who had no choice, but to save a life his girlfriend. Ryan Reynolds the actor who portrayed Deadpool has signed an extended contract allowing, him to do so. Apparently, the sequel will have two major changes.

Team: X-Force

New Partners: Cable and Negasonic Teenage Warehead


Explanation of the new partners

First and foremost the sidekicks we were amazed and excited to see a fellow X-Men associate Colossus join Deadpool’s quest, against Ajax (Francis who was responsible for him gaining his abilities through the weapon X program) but he was more like an adviser always distracting the main anti-hero from brutally shooting Ajax (the adversary who kidnapped Wade Wilson’s girlfriend.

(Deadpool complaining about Colossus giving him a goody two shoes speech and becoming easily frustrated) 

In the scene below Deadpool is seen pointing a gun at Ajax about to pull the trigger but Colossus gives him a heart-warming speech about being a hero which has it’s pros and cons one pro is that Deadpool can still remain human in a sentimental aspect even though he was subjected to the Weapon X (Just like Logan also known as Wolverine) a con is Colossus was a big metal distraction and if he wasn’t there Deadpool would have got his much needed revenge.

On the other hand, Negasonic Teenage Warehead in my opinion a hot, goth (mind my language) “bitch” with attitude, Negasonic for short, to me is hot. Quite frankly she is the epitome of a badass or even badassery (chuckles a made-up word of mine laugh out loud) she has the ability to control matter.

 (Deadpool and Negasonic meet) 


She has many other powers but they were not explored enough in this first film, the other powers include: Superhuman strength, durability, reflexes, telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, Nucleokinesis and Matter manipulation. Will we see Negasonic use these powers to her full extent? only time will tell. (Deadpool 2 2018)

Negasonic could be a very important character in the sequel regretfully we did not see a lot of her in the first film, this leaves the sequel with the idealogy that she will be more relevant in this, let’s not forget her contribution that she blasted AJAX’s subordinates away lowering the death poll of victims AJAX and his large amount of enemies inflicted in their city.


  Now with all that being said, Bishop 

Image result for cable x men

    (Cable fighting Deadpool) 

Piers Brosnan could be playing this character Cable, you know the actor known for being James Bond 007, alongslide Ryan Reynolds these two could be ideal working together acting and portraying these iconic characters appropriately.


Cable Deadpool 2 Pierce Brosnan

                                         (Piers Brosnan most likely will play Cable)

Cable is the leader of the X-Force, there has been speculation that he will make an appearance in the sequel to Deadpool. Cable is the leader of the X-Force, Cable is known for reforming the New Mutants, he created them teaching them to fight and become soldiers he name them “The Black Ops” Cable and his black ops teak were tasked with an objective to elimate the enemies of the X-Men and humans after this mission his team ceased to exist, they went into hiding and  our now about to make a big return on the big screen who’s excited for this movie, can I get a oh yeahhhh !!! 2018 is going to be another amazing year for the Superhero genre of movies.

Stay tuned for more, SCORPZGCA out peace.



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(Credit to the sources I own nothing but respect to the rightful owners) 


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