The long awaited ideology of Spider-Man joining the Avengers is something comic book fans have wanted since the golden age of Marvel comic books for example The Amazing Spider-Man era. Spider-Man is Marvel Spider-Man is OP in a good way.  Spider-Man is once step from finally being in the Avengers: In this interview for Vogue, Tom confirm his participation in the “Avenger Infinity War”

The actor Tom Holland was features in a Italian magazine Tom Holland’s Italian Interview additionally you can see the Italian interview on twitter The actual interview.



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Spider-Man is relatable to anyone: Peter Parker is a smart guy but that comes with problems. Stan Lee and Marvel have done a incredible job marketing Spider-Man to the general public across the years. Peter Parker is a gifted individual who wants to learn and become a better science student, photographer for the daily bugle and person for his ant may, friends (Harry Osborne and Mary Jane Watson) he has a small circle but is loyal to his friends and family. Even though he is pretty much great depressing themes must arise in every super hero origin such as the death and devastation of loosing his uncle Ben, the mystery of his parents many things shaped the storyline of this character. This is what the creators (Stan Lee) and the other writers and comic book artists convey in their art to the fans and emotionally and realistically connects to all kinds of people of any age, ethnicity, religion etc.

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