Flashy images, hack and slash genre’s or Action role-playing game, A lot of people in and outside of the video games industry like to focus mainly on the blockbuster titles, this is obvious but some enthusiasts in particular game designers. Apparently, Yang Bing was inspired by Square Enix’s popular title Final Fantasy 15. Final Fantasy 15 is a comeback for the roleplaying franchise, A prototype that was initially supposed to come out on the PlayStation 3 was Final Fantasy XIII ( were coded, programmed, put together before its long awaited release.

2017 is a very interesting year for entertainment, a lot of resources are available online but for a price and not just that learning. Are you willing to pay a lot of money to interdependently teach yourself how to code, programme and essentially create a video game from the ground up. ?

“This independent video game will most likely end up on PC or PS4, I’m merely amusing”. -SCORPZ0001

One example of this is by this solo developer who goes by the alias Yang Bing.




(Credit to https://twitter.com/yagnbing?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw the game designer shares his thoughts in his favourite video game) 

The trailer of his upcoming IP is said to be Final Fantasy inspired ? well do you agree


Here is some available information on the backstory.


A few details were also shared on the story:

“Ten years ago, there was a war between two kingdoms. The war ended, but several years later the unknown monsters kept to come out and kill people.

Kazer was the Captain of the Knights templar, he rarely has a smile on his face again since the accident of his family, and the nightmare of that day keeps coming to him…

Until he accidentally got combined with one of the monsters, and the monster told him that his name is Arena.”

While thanking everyone for the support and for the offers of help, Yang Bing mentioned that he will try to finish the game, but can’t make promises, and won’t ask people for help until he has a viable plan.

(Credits to the game designer: https://twitter.com/yagnbing) 

– By SCORPZ0001


Twitter: SCORPZ0001

Instagram: joseph_justice30

YouTube: SCORPZ0001


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