The CW is notorious for showcasing some of my favourite TV Series. In my opinion Arrow was a catalyst that sparked a chain reaction in CW superhero TV Shows, for instance The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl on CW all began with Arrow. Arrow  season 1 started in 2012 and four years, 4 more seasons have been released. CW Arrow is a one of the number one contender in the Superhero genre, on TV and has proven this on countless occasions in my opinion Arrow CW get’s better every year. Action, Drama and Story-wise.

It has been confirmed by the protagonist’s main character Stephen Amell via his Instagram that season six will definitely be happening. So get your popcorn and drinks ready Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, Spartan/John Diggle, Felicity Smoak/Overwatch and the other supporting cast will be continuing their crime fighting adventures in Star City.

The main plot, recurring characters outside the main three characters, the minor villain and the main villain are to be announced but it is reassuring to know our favourite Green hooded hero and his superhero crime fighting unit will be on patrol this year. Thanks to the supporters of the show who watch it worldwide and off course DC Comics, The CW Network and Warner Bros. Television.


– By SCORPZ0001

Twitter: SCORPZ0001

Instagram: joseph_justice30

YouTube: SCORPZ0001


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