Andrew Leung a concept artist, who worked on Captain America: Civil’s War and many other movies, has newly released unused concept art of what Wakanda the African Nation where Black Panther originates from would look like with an unlimited “dream” budget. Since Captain America: Civil War is released, the concept art for Wakanda can be seen as an eye opener and could lead to clues to how Wakanda could look in the Black Panther Movie.

Below there is a fictional map of Africa with Wakanda being included


According to this map above, Wakanda is positioned in the Northern Hemisphere. Wakanda would be an African Nation which is in North East Africa.

The above picture is a aerial of an Wakandan Jungle.

This picture is the concept art for the city structure island. I must say it looks breathtaking. Wakanda is a revolutionary African Nation even if it is fictional. Catch the rest of the images in the link below they are a must see.


(Credit to Andrew Leung, )

You can check out more picture’s on his on his official website, the link is above.


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